Sensory Room


In a world of hyper stimulation, the sensory room at Bounce N Beyond is the vital escape for many children who become over stimulated by noise and frantic motion. Time spent in a sensory room helps children to improve their visual, auditory and tactile processing. Also beneficial to developing their fine and gross motor skills, a regular Sensory Room session can have a profoundly positive impact on a child’s well being.

Texture, light, gentle movement and bubbles are the perfect way to relax, engage and rest. Our little visitors become regular visitors, we believe this to be a testament to the quality of our space. Soft mattresses and pillows, rough artificial grass, mellow colours and a captivating lighting system make our sensory room one of the best on the East Coast and one of the few available outside of the schools system. Our empathetic and caring staff are happy to assist with any additional needs to maximise your comfort and benefit from each visit to our site.

Promoting a sense of calm and comfort, children learn how to self regulate while their dedicated carers see the benefit in a relaxed, happy child in the aftermath of their visit.

Designed by leading sensory room experts and perfectly fitted to provide points of interest, we were very happy to create this space so that every child, regardless of ability, would have a memorable visit with us.

Incorporated into our offering as the Zen space for our little visitors, the Sensory Room can be booked directly for private sessions through the website. Parents are advised to take one child into the sensory room at a time. The space is used to best effect when the child has exclusive use and can fully absorb the experience without distraction.